The Summer Exhibition at the Royal Academy of Arts 2012

Saturday, 27 July 2013

Note to Self: I am going to start blogging more often.

There were a few exhibitions I visited during the summer last year that I forgotten to blog about (was incredibly busy). Can't believe its been a whole year since I went to a exhibition! So this is quite old, one of them I visited was the Summer Exhibition at the Royal Academy of Arts 2012. I went to see whether it had any relevance to my dissertation obviously didn't help much as I was in the early stages of Dissertation research, but it was really interesting to see all the inspiring art paintings, the sculptural building pieces and some fashion garment pieces etc. There were quite a few pieces that had a very interesting laminating effects on them too! Here are some of the pictures I took:

Illuminating lights on this London Olympics piece. 

I thought this was a very interesting drawing of typography design.

A cute bird print!

Bold typography design prints. 

I think this was my favourite print in the collection. It has such a great attention to detail, such a beautiful drawing. 

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