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My name is Thuong and I am a twenty-something girl living in London. I created this blog back in 2010 and originally it was meant to be called 'The Life of a Stressed Fashion Student'  I was about to start my studies in Fashion and Textiles Design at University (I love the pun) and wanted to create this blog as like a 'fashion diary' to show my journey and progression of my project work from the beginning of my degree until I graduated.

Unfortunately... as doing a fashion degree was more hectic and stressful than I ever imagined, it didn't pan out that way!

I am pretty much a huge photography enthusiast and even more so after my recent Paris trip, so Fashion and Sarcasm (I know, funny name), is a place where I attempt to snap various places I've visited in London, fashion, the occasional travel trips and basically things that inspire me.

When I'm not occupying myself with writing posts and editing photos, I spend a lot of my time having my nose stuck in a good book, illustrating, admiring an art/fashion exhibition and having my eyes glued to the latest episode of Game of Thrones.

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