Let it snow...

Friday, 30 December 2011

I love snow inspired photography. Here are some inspirational images I found, via flickr. I think they're beautiful, serene and subtle.

Winter Aspens

Red-winged Blackbird

bird on a wire

All images are linked to the photographer's flickr page :)

Happy new year! 


I've always loved the designer Erdem and I am inspired by his trademark of beautiful floral prints.

These pictures are from Spring/Summer 2011. I love the washed away florals.

Braided hair was in the collection. I've got something new to draw now :)


This is Spring/Summer 2012. I love the soft blue colour palettes. 

Fashion illustrations and fabric samples. 

Waterfall braid drawings.

Thursday, 29 December 2011

These are my waterfall braid fineliner drawings. My friend said they look like they were drawn on mac via illustrator, but that would have taken an awfully long time :/ Drawn by hand is much easier and therapeutic :)

The above picture is of my fashion illustrations, sketchbook work and waterfall braid knit sample. 

Braiding and Plaits.

Wednesday, 28 December 2011

I am completely obsessed with braids and plaits at the moment, especially with the waterfall braid. I think it has sort of a romanticism era about it. For my last project, my theme was based around braids.

There was a Stine Goya jumper that inspired me which I saw in Urban Outfitters. It was a different version but I loved this version in the pictures (below) I love the snake cable style plaits. 

Inspirational images:

Images were found on flickr and tumblr. 

Polyvore set inspired by plaits: 
 Whisper the words of wisdom, let it be♪♫ - The Beatles

Oh Comely magazine.

My friend introduced to a British magazine called 'Oh Comely' whilst we were looking around the magazine section in WHSmiths. It's a magazine about people's quirks and creativity rather about money. She let me borrow one magazine featuring Stacey's plaited hair and I just developed a fondness of the photography used in the magazine, as well as the quirky illustrations. It is only published six times a year.

I liked it so much that I created a set on Polyvore:

Here are some of my favourite images from the magazine, issue six :) 

Images from issue eight:

All images are linked to Agatha's flickr page.
I must get a copy of issue eight :)

London Street Style

Tuesday, 27 December 2011

I know I have sort of abandoned this blog for some time... but I am getting back into blogging on this site.
Last month, I went on the streets of Oxford Street to take pictures of London street style for my Topshop live project. The picture of the girl's outfit in the middle row (right hand side) is my favourite, which my friend spotted her outfit for me. I just loved her Arctic Monkeys shirt (hence me and my friend were heading to the concert in the evening!) the leather jacket, the long velvet and the Dr.Marten shoes was an overall unique and edgy look. I think she was wearing a satchel too, which adds a vintage touch to her outfit. Here are the photographs I took:

Doing street style photography was definitely something new. I've never walked up to people and asked for a photograph before...luckily no one said no! 

Foale and Tuffin: Fashion designers of the Sixties.

Monday, 5 September 2011

There was an exhibition I went to at the Fashion & Textile Museum about a two years ago from now, which I instantly loved, it was just amazing and made me fall in love with the 60s! It's my favourite era :-). So this is quite a long post, rammed with pictures, pictures and more pictures :-)

Foale and Tuffin were one of the most influential designers of the 60s and their label was what girls wanted to wear - pop art inspired mini-dresses and trend-setting trouser suits etc. they were designed the young, which only the young could wear and not their mums. Most importantly it was cheap and affordable. Foale and Tuffin both played a part in changing the London scene, almost like a rebellious era.

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