Exploring Brick Lane: Street Art and Vintage Outlets

Tuesday, 11 July 2017

Brick Lane is a street that I hear SO MUCH ABOUT and have been wanting to go for visit ever since. I have been to Shoreditch several times in the past for internships (that's where all the designers' studios are hidden!) Seeing another different side of London was so interesting and admire it's traditional flea markets, diverse street food, vintage fashion, vinyl shopping, independent book shops and street art. Straightaway you notice that the people in East London just look very edgy and who seem like they don't conform to the fast fashion trends - so it is definitely a great for street style inspiration. 

I was completely in awe of of the unique street art! It was definitely the highlight and it's the first time I've actually seen street art (I need to get out more). I love that bird piece by ROA and that butterfly disguised as a elephant looked so creative and has more of a surrealist appeal - found nearby Hanbury Street and Tower Hamlets. The Trump street art is rather terrifying I must admit! However it is depicted and illustrated so well that really does resembles Trump (haha). Ballon Dog piece is very reminisce of Jeff Koons's popular Ballon Dog sculptures. In particular, I was really captivated by the street art of the girl with the heart glasses and keys scattering around her hair.

Spring Wardrobe Staples

Monday, 12 June 2017

So Spring has officially sprung! Well...sort of, British weather is very unpredictable and can't make up its mind most of the time. Spring is my favourite season because the weather becomes warmer, longer days with the sunlight, as it doesn't get dark until 8pm or so and most importantly I enjoy seeing the flowers grow and bloom. Admittedly, I don't own a lot of flowers or plants because I just can't look after them properly but I can appreciate the nature. As a metaphor, Springtime is defined as a time of growth, renewal and rejuvenation.

I was given the inspiration of creating a Spring Wardrobe Staples blogpost by Adore Me, which is a New York based women's intimates brand, that specialises in affordable designs in a curated monthly subscription service and their head of design is none other than Helen Mears (former Victoria's Secret Head of Design). I thought it was a great idea for a blogpost, especially as I want to aim to creating more fashion content and so I've put together some Spring key pieces - some on from my own wardrobe and some Polyvore sets for more variety.

POP! Design, Culture, Fashion Exhibition at the Fashion and Textile Museum 2012

Monday, 29 May 2017

So this is a pretty old exhibition visit. I completely forgot I had pictures for this exhibition because I was so awfully busy with Uni that me blogging anything flew out the window. I had included this research in the early stages of my dissertation preparation, which was useful. 

This is the POP! Design, Culture, Fashion Exhibition at the Fashion and Textile Museum in 2012. This exhibition explores how much of a revolutionary impact music, art and fashion made during one of the most iconic eras of the 50s, 60s and 70s. A new wave of rock 'n' roll and youth culture emerged in the 1950s America, which took the country by storm. There was a combination of popular images, music, art and fashion that made history and changed the way people dressed, as well as pushing the boundaries of commerce, culture and style. The 60s era saw the cool stylings of the Mods, the high baroque of Psychedelia and the kitsch glamour of 70s retro by designers such as Mr Freedom and Miss Mouse. 

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