Spring Wardrobe Staples

Monday, 12 June 2017

So Spring has officially sprung! Well...sort of, British weather is very unpredictable and can't make up its mind most of the time. Spring is my favourite season because the weather becomes warmer, longer days with the sunlight, as it doesn't get dark until 8pm or so and most importantly I enjoy seeing the flowers grow and bloom. Admittedly, I don't own a lot of flowers or plants because I just can't look after them properly but I can appreciate the nature. As a metaphor, Springtime is defined as a time of growth, renewal and rejuvenation.

I was given the inspiration of creating a Spring Wardrobe Staples blogpost by Adore Me, which is a New York based women's intimates brand, that specialises in affordable designs in a curated monthly subscription service and their head of design is none other than Helen Mears (former Victoria's Secret Head of Design). I thought it was a great idea for a blogpost, especially as I want to aim to creating more fashion content and so I've put together some Spring key pieces - some on from my own wardrobe and some Polyvore sets for more variety.


Dungarees or Overalls, however you like to call them, recently I have just been absolutely loving them and I think they're a great spring staple piece. The last time I wore them was when I was 10 years old, so it was a pretty long time ago. They are seen as a childrenswear piece of clothing but as soon as Alexa Chung wore them, it became somewhat cool and trendy, bringing back the 90s trend and now its all over the catwalk and the high street. It is quite a versatile garment (not to mention comfortable!) because you can style them in various ways whether it's with a basic t-shirt, a stripy top or a nice blouse.

This is how I've styled them. These ones are from the New Look sale and what I love about them is that they aren't too tight fitting and the length cuts off just above my ankle. With the weather becoming nicer, I have been finding so many opportunities to wear dungarees. You can much wear any types of shoes with them but I think some Old Skool Vans would look awesome - it gives it that casj effortless appeal, kind of skater-girl tomboy-esque, which is a look I love.

POP! Design, Culture, Fashion Exhibition at the Fashion and Textile Museum 2012

Monday, 29 May 2017

So this is a pretty old exhibition visit. I completely forgot I had pictures for this exhibition because I was so awfully busy with Uni that me blogging anything flew out the window. I had included this research in the early stages of my dissertation preparation, which was useful. 

This is the POP! Design, Culture, Fashion Exhibition at the Fashion and Textile Museum in 2012. This exhibition explores how much of a revolutionary impact music, art and fashion made during one of the most iconic eras of the 50s, 60s and 70s. A new wave of rock 'n' roll and youth culture emerged in the 1950s America, which took the country by storm. There was a combination of popular images, music, art and fashion that made history and changed the way people dressed, as well as pushing the boundaries of commerce, culture and style. The 60s era saw the cool stylings of the Mods, the high baroque of Psychedelia and the kitsch glamour of 70s retro by designers such as Mr Freedom and Miss Mouse. 

ROCK 'N' ROLL 1956-1959

Poster, for the British release of Elvis Presley's first album Love Me Tender, 1956 

The 50s was the year of rock 'n' roll from 1956-1959, we saw a flood of rock 'n' roll genre music from the first teenaged pop and rock stars with artists exploding into the scene such as Elvis Presley, Gene Vincent and Little Richard. This piece of textile fabric (below) was created as a skirt for Presley fans.

Travel Journal: Four Day Trip to Paris, October 2016

Saturday, 20 May 2017

I've always wanted to go to Paris but every time there was a school trip, it'd always be cancelled because no one was willing to pay. But said to myself one day that I need to travel more and Paris was the destination I was desperate to visit and eventually I managed to go!

I travelled to Paris back in October of last year. I was actually planning to go on my own, which would have ben a pretty bad idea but its annoying to have to ask people to go with you. I was going home from work one day, got on the bus and went upstairs to find a seat and then suddenly someone grabbed my arm, which really startled me. But it turned out to be my 6th Form friend. I was happy to see her because we lost contact. We talked, had a very short catch up and I was saying I'd really like to go to Paris and she spontaneously said we can go together!

We were absolutely drained and knackered from getting to Paris and to our BnB (disaster followed suit, just when I thought missing the flight was the worst thing to have happened), that we decided to call it a day, sleep it off and said we'll explore more sights tomorrow.

Second day, we got to see so much more and the day was certainly better (thank god). The first thing we visited was the Eiffel Tower has got to be the most magnificent monument I have ever seen (not exaggerating). It was so huge and kind of surreal at the same time. It's one thing seeing all the Eiffel Tower pictures online on tumblr and it's another thing getting to see the real thing in person. We saw a really stunning horse carousel and we witnessed a marriage! (I probably looked like a total creep when I took that photo). My friend and I was just walking along the Seine river taking photos and I was like oh my god, I think they're getting married! It is true what they say - Paris is a romantic city. A man walking by who asked in French (didn't know what he was saying as my French is very limited) whether we wanted him to take a photo of us, which was so nice! You don't get that in London. The photo of the carousel and the couple getting married were definitely one of the favourite shots from this trip. 

Little Primark Haul

Thursday, 7 July 2016

Hello it's me again, long time no blog. 
It was my friend's birthday back in May, in which we just spent the day in Bromley and had the most amazing burger and sweet potato chips at Gourmet Kitchen Burger - if you haven't been there, I highly recommend

Whilst we were perusing in the shopping centre, I needed some new pyiamas along the way and first thought was to head into Primark because in my opinion, they are only good for three things: socks, tights and pyiamas. I was pretty pleased with these purchases :-) This is probably the most things I've brought in Primark, as I find it hard to actually find anything good there. 
Pinstriped nightshirt, £8

I saw this nightshirt and it instantly reminded me of Zoella's Primark haul. She had brought something similar to this one, which I thought was the same one but Primark had designed the look with the collar. I think the pocket detailing with the the 'Love' text gives it more character. I've been wearing it to sleep recently and really like the loose fit of it. I like it so much that I plan on buying another one :-)
Striped cheeky shorts, £3.50

I haven't worn these yet but they are super soft and feels quite comfy.
Checked pyjama bottoms, £6

My friend spotted this one and I instantly wanted to buy them. I have a checked one already but its really old and the fabric on the waistband is tearing, so I was definitely in need of a new checked pair. I'm not a fan of wearing pink but its super soft and the tartan-esque pattern makes it more appealing.

It's Nice To Give, Part II

Wednesday, 17 February 2016

It was recently my friend's birthday, which is another exciting gift-buying time! The gifts I brought her was actually quite last minute, as I wasn't sure if she was doing anything but it turns out she was, so yay :) She's actually quite a hard one to buy for but she has everything she already needs. But I know she'll like it whatever gift it is, as you often hear the phrase 'it's a thought that counts.' I felt like I needed to photograph and document the gifts I brought her, as well as the wrapping process (something new to post on this neglecting blog!)

I went into the Card Factory on a whim, as I hear they sell a lot of cheap cards. There were so many nice cards to choose from, so I was pretty much spoiled for choice! The prices were so unbelievable cheap, now I know where to buy birthday cards next time! I saw this card and I really liked the sentimental message, not to mention the design is so beautiful and has a vintage appeal to it.

It's Nice To Give

Tuesday, 5 January 2016

This post is about how nice it is to give gifts. 

I don't celebrate Christmas, so the only time I actually get to buy gifts for other people are at friends' birthdays. Therefore sometimes I get a bit overboard when buying gifts and wrapping because its fun. It's really nice to see their expression when they unwrap the gift to see what you've brought them. I'm always saying anxiously, 'do you like it?' A friend of mine's birthday was literally two weeks after mine and she was also celebrating it in the first time in years too, so its a cause for a celebration :) When you buy a gift, you usually just buy one gift with a card but I went all out and got three gifts with a card. Two were brought, which was a scented candle and a book, and the third was a drawing, hand painted and mounted. 

This is the illustration I was inspired by (left) and this is my drawing (right).

I think drawings are really nice gifts, now that I've drawn one. It's personal and sentimental. This is probably the only time I will draw for someone, so I thought why not?

Birthday Stuff: Zizi's, wandering in Covent Garden and TGI Fridays

Monday, 4 January 2016

November 12th was my birthday. I know I am about 2 months late posting this!

Call me sad, because I know I clearly am, but I hadn't celebrated my birthday in a very long time. 
The last two years especially I just hadn't been in a mood to celebrate because of family issues, but this year, I put my foot down and decided to do something about it. In the past, I just dreaded my birthday because I knew I wasn't going to do anything but this year I surprisingly looked forward to it! ^_^

On the actual day of my birthday which was on a Thursday, I spent it with my dad doing some 'bonding' where we went into London to do a shop around, he brought me some birthday gifts and we ate at a Chinese restaurant in Leicester Square. To be honest, my dad spend most of the day giving me pep talks -_- but it wasn't as awkward as I thought it was. My dad had a very humourless look and wasn't understanding my banter and sarcasm, he was like 'what?' And I just say 'forget it...'

It was on the Saturday that I celebrated with my friends. I met them at Covent Garden Station and from there we walked to Zizi's restaurant. I took an annoyingly long time in deciding which place to eat but in the end Zizi's was the perfect place as I really like Italian food.

Left to right: Charlotte, Gertrude and me. 
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