Thursday, 22 October 2015

I've been a fan of Alexa Chung ever since she presented on T4's Pop World. Probably my favourite TV presenter. When she was presenting in the UK, I loved her quirky TV personality and mostly of all - the way she dresses is very cool and effortless. She recently finished presenting a documentary with British Vogue on YouTube called the Future of Fashion, which is very interesting. One day, I thought why have not ever drawn a picture of Alexa? Now was the opportunity to do so :)

Purchases from Net-A-Porter

Wednesday, 7 October 2015

I've been a member of Polyvore for 6 years. Two years ago I was fortunate to have been invited to a Polyvore Meet Up at Net-A-Porter's Head Office in London. It was such an amazing experience. My regret is that I didn't bring a camera to capture the moment. The Net-A-Porter team all gave us a large goodie bag, which extremely generous of them and it included many lovely things. One of which was a £300 Net-A-Porter Gift Card!

The first things I brought was Frends Layla Headphones in Oil Slick and a Burberry white shirt. The headphones were very very lovely, however whilst using them, I found they were very uncomfortable. It puts a lot of pressure on the ears because they are on-ears, rather than over the ear. After an hour, I'd always have to take them off. I would have prefered getting the simple Beats Solo HD. With the Burberry shirt, well I didn't find it that special. To be honest, it was an impulsive buy. It was one of those spur of the moments. So I returned them.

The second thing I brought was Acne Pistol Boots. Literally my dream boots. I use them all the time in my Polyvore sets. They were a whooping £380, so I'd have to pay an extra £80. That's not a lot considering they are usually £380, but its still a lot of money on boots at the end of the day. When they got them, they were so nicely wrapped in black tissue paper. I tried them on at home and did really like how it looked on with a pair of skinny jeans. I went back to my stingy thoughts 'will I wear it a lot?' and the answer would be no. On special occasions? Yes. Another thing I returned... I was really annoying myself with these returns.

Fashion & Books Collective Haul

Thursday, 1 October 2015

Zoella wore this insect bugs print shirt in one of her fashion haul videos. I was thinking, Where did you get your shirt?! When Zara launched their Summer sale, I jumped into the chance. It's probably my favourite shirt. I made a Polyvore set featuring this striped shirt (below), knew it would be expensive but on a whim I clicked on the link anyway just to see and realised it was actually on sale! I love me a good bargain. 

Insect shirt by Zara, on sale for £19.99 (RRP £29.99)
Striped Boston shirt by Tommy Hilfiger at House of Fraser, on sale for £29.75 (RRP £85)

I really like this blouse; the delicate crochet embroidery is just so darling. Basically its my dream shirt! I think it was in June where the UK was getting a heatwave and I was in Mango searching around in the sale section looking specifically for t-shirts. I actually don't have many t-shirts to go out in for the summer weather. I saw this grey t-shirt and the slogan is in French and google translated it says, 'yes it's me.' It's really soft and wearable, I love it. 

Cream embroidered blouse by Miss Selfridge, 30% off for £24.50 (RPP £35)
Slogan t-shirt by Mango, on sale for £4.99 (RPP £9.99)

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