Mini Collective Haul

Saturday, 22 November 2014

A very long time since I blogged. I haven't completely abandoned this blog. Thought I'd share with you some of the things I brought recently, which is a bit boring (I know).

A lot of the time, I can never spend on myself because I have this guilty feeling and say "do I need this?" or "am I being materialistic?" Usually in the end, I'd let it go (annoyingly so)... mainly because I don't want to make impulsive purchases that I'll later regret. I'm seriously the worst person to go shopping with because I can never decide. I spent the last 4 years studying fashion and all my money went to fabrics, printing, models and many other annoying things. It made me really stingy unfortunately, but it is probably a good thing. I think its good to stay in control of what you need or don't need. There is a fine line between wanting something or needing it. Before I start my purchase process on whether I need or want something, I always seem to think in the Maslow Hierarchy! These are a few of my favourites : )

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