Orchid Wonderland...

Monday, 29 August 2011

These are some of the pictures I took at Kew Gardens to see the colourful Orchid Exhibit. I think the first picture is my favourite. Hope you like these :-)

Show Studio Exhibition.

Sunday, 28 August 2011

Some pictures I took at the Show Studio Exhibition at Somerset House, when I went during my fashion & textiles foundation. The fashion garments were just so amazing with all the materials used. It's interesting seeing the research and development progress before unveiling the final garment/collection. 
Hope you like these :)

The fashion body, illuminating lights.

Pinhole photography.

Saturday, 27 August 2011

When I was at sixth form, I did photography for enrichment and I remember doing pinhole photography which was really cool and fun :-) It's really unusual to use take a photo without having the use of a camera! But it felt quite like a novelty to me. If only I had a dark room! Ah. That would be so fab. 

Hope you like these :-)

Rummaging through Topshop on a rainy day.

We went to the West End one day...only to realise it was raining quite...heavily. I don't mind rain, in fact I like rain, but only when I'm not in the rain. Traffic was terrible. 
Anyways, I got a few sneaky snaps in Topshop :-) 

Ah. This Topshop camera bag was sublime! 

Fringed bag.

Accessories: Bags, hats and scarves.

A cool ring. 

Teleported: An American School Bus in the UK

Friday, 26 August 2011

So...something...rather bizarre teleported to England. Meters away from the o2 Arena and my Uni.
There I saw it. A freakin' yellow American school bus! 
I couldn't actually believe it. I mean, what was an American school bus doing in England?! It was a fab tourist attraction to me :-) 
So here are the pictures I took on my phone...I think this was back in May or something like that :-)

Oh...you can see my reflection there, horror. 


What a did for research for a Uni-related project just before I broke up for the summer holidays. 
This was what I tried on in Selfridges to have a feel of the clothes and looking at their finishings. Wearing clothes on at Selfridges felt like a mistake because...I wanted to take everything home and sadly couldn't. The Versace leather jacket just called my name! Ah, it was was sublime. 
High end fashion feels so much better than high street, there is a more better quality feel to it I think :-). But anywho...there were some Topshop clothes which were just FAB. 

Alice by Temperley blouse.

This was a gorgeous Alice by Temperley shrug. Ah, I loved it. 

More Alice + Olivia embellishments.

Alice + Olivia [I think.]

This Versace leather jacket [above] was divine. 

Topshop Peter Pan blouse.

Topshop lilac print blouse. 

Topshop Peter Pan embroidered blouse.

Camden Town, Part II

Just some more pictures taken when I went to Camden a couples of weeks back. My camera unfortunately died on me again :-( so I used my crappy phone. Anyways, here it is :-)

This t-shirt [above] is hilarious :-)

I hope you like these :-)

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