The Victoria and Albert Museum presents: Alexander McQueen Savage Beauty

Monday, 21 September 2015

The Alexander McQueen Exhibition ended on 2nd August 2015, so it feels like I'm a bit late to the party talking about this! But it was probably the best exhibition I've ever been to. 

My friend booked us tickets in advance for the 26th July 2015 to go, as we realised that tickets were seriously selling like hot cakes! We wanted to go on a saturday but worried that we won't be guaranteed a ticket to see it. This exhibition celebrates the best of Alexander McQueen's work.

I was so surprised on how much more there was to see. When we entered the A Gothic Mind and the Romanticism Primitivism rooms, I assumed 'oh well this is all we're getting at this exhibition.' How wrong was I? There were so many rooms and I kept saying 'oh there's more!' I was getting excited. I don't have any words to describe how MAGNIFICENT this exhibition really was. I wanted to take photos of everything but usually V&A exhibitions are prohibited and get this, you're not allowed to even sketch. In the large dark room, it was the only opportunity where I could take some photos on my phone (quality wasn't good).


This is the Romanticism Primitivism room, I call this the skull and bones room because the walls were entirely made of skull and bones! It was pretty cool and it kind of felt like I was entering a scene from Game of Thrones. As we entered, I could get a sense of the dark atmosphere of being under water and especially the music - it set the mood and tone of this collection perfectly well, but a little scary more so. 

Lily Donaldson Illustration Drawing

Saturday, 19 September 2015

Lily Donaldson has been my favourite model for such a long time. I just adore her look, not to mention she's got great street style too! I remember seeing this editorial of her in my first ever Vogue magazine in 2005. It was a beauty page and it showcased a Snow White-esque themed look for Chanel. She had this gorgeous white eye makeup with the bottom lashes painted (Twiggy style) and was wearing a Chanel white beanie. Wondering who I should draw next... I decided to draw Lily :-)

Kristine Froseth for Teen Vogue Illustration

Monday, 14 September 2015

I follow Charlotte Tilbury on Instagram and she posted this wonderful editorial of Kristine Froseth for Teen Vogue April 2015. I just loved everything about it - from the unkempt slightly wavy hair, the natural makeup (which complimented her blue eyes and freckles), to the studded pink jacket. It was exactly the right inspiration to draw her. 

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