Holiday Gifts from Polyvore and Levi's

Sunday, 6 January 2013

It's been long since my last post! I need to blog fashion and trends more often. Maybe I should start blogging my final collection...

A few days before New Year's Eve, I received a lovely surprise from Polyvore :) It came in a nice package; I got this blue Meredith Wendell makeup bag with a cotton bag inside it and my very own Polyvore logo t-shirt! I think I'm going to use the bag to put my knit and print samples, along with bits and bobs.

The Polyvore team always sends the nicest messages in their cards :)

Polyvore asked me if I'd like to participate in the Levi's Holiday Campaign promotion, which I was happy to take part in. It was another lovely surprise from the post! I wasn't expecting it. I received the dark denim jacket (featured in the 3rd set), these grey gloves and a intarsia jumper! :)

These were the three sets I made for the Levi's Holiday Campaign:

Today is the present by Levi's Holiday Campaign

Dress to Shine by Levi's Holiday Campaign

Warm and cozy gifts by Levi's Holiday Campaign

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