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Thursday, 14 April 2011

I just wanted to add another photograph of another forest...I just love this one. I swear if I lived near a forest, I'd be snapping pictures away...
That's me trying to cast off, but my hair is kinda in the way of my face, haha. 
I was happy that I accomplish the large holes sample and used it as my eye-patch. I don't really like posting pics of myself, but...this one just looked really funny xD. 
I made Charlotte a blue coloured knit bracelet. That's my wrist, the one with the black and white sample, attached with Soofiya bracelet lol! Apparently my wrists are dainty (erugh). 
Casting on.
Anyway, the pictures below are the knit samples I made with this horrid knit machine - devil it is. All pictures above were taken by Soofiya, (thanks Soof!). 

Here are the close-ups. 

Knit Project, forest inspiration

Wednesday, 13 April 2011

I had this Knit Project before Christmas, never had the chance to post it til now. I'm very slow.
...with this project, I was inspired by forest and aspen trees. I was kind of researching into this shoe sculpture by Joana Vasconcelos which I saw in Selfridges, but I was feeling very uninspired.
Then...this sort of led to my idea of forest and aspen trees because of the lines and the stripes which related to the project. I don' know what it is I just love forests, I think its the feel, mood and atmosphere. It seems just likes a nice place to be in, the peace and the a way. I don't live in a place where there are tons of aspen trees because I'm always surrounded with busy cities. But I think it would be nice if there were, I know its mainly in the US, places like Colorado. I think its a place where I know I could get in lost in its beauty :).
I found this amazing picture of forest in snow (above), taken by Ansel Adams, which I found inspiring. It's a fantastic shot! 

Here are some of my sketchbook work, I created a lot of paintings using line and texture from the image I was inspired by. So lots of black, white and dark grey colours. It was fun to just...paint, I missed art. 

                                       Bloody Autumn (wide view) by ~Frider on deviantART

I really love this photography of "Bloody Autumn" by Deviantart artist, ~Frider. I love the daring red blood colours scattered on the road and also on the trees. It's an amazing photograph, looks just like a bloody autumn, and it kind of...inspired the painting the done below. I preferred creating a black and white interpretation, but obviously the photograph is miles better than what I've just painted lol.

For the next post should be my knitted samples from this forest inspiration. :)
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