Knit samples...

Thursday, 14 April 2011

I just wanted to add another photograph of another forest...I just love this one. I swear if I lived near a forest, I'd be snapping pictures away...
That's me trying to cast off, but my hair is kinda in the way of my face, haha. 
I was happy that I accomplish the large holes sample and used it as my eye-patch. I don't really like posting pics of myself, but...this one just looked really funny xD. 
I made Charlotte a blue coloured knit bracelet. That's my wrist, the one with the black and white sample, attached with Soofiya bracelet lol! Apparently my wrists are dainty (erugh). 
Casting on.
Anyway, the pictures below are the knit samples I made with this horrid knit machine - devil it is. All pictures above were taken by Soofiya, (thanks Soof!). 

Here are the close-ups. 


  1. Wow, I love the close up of the knits! Hehe, you used my photos, yay!
    I love the eye patch one! =)

  2. love the forrest too

  3. yay i love that knitted bracelet! you are soooo talented with knit thuong! btw, i am so sorry i haven't sent u those pics yet, i promise i will send u all of them soon (tomorrow!) :) xxx


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