London Street Style

Tuesday, 27 December 2011

I know I have sort of abandoned this blog for some time... but I am getting back into blogging on this site.
Last month, I went on the streets of Oxford Street to take pictures of London street style for my Topshop live project. The picture of the girl's outfit in the middle row (right hand side) is my favourite, which my friend spotted her outfit for me. I just loved her Arctic Monkeys shirt (hence me and my friend were heading to the concert in the evening!) the leather jacket, the long velvet and the Dr.Marten shoes was an overall unique and edgy look. I think she was wearing a satchel too, which adds a vintage touch to her outfit. Here are the photographs I took:

Doing street style photography was definitely something new. I've never walked up to people and asked for a photograph before...luckily no one said no! 


  1. love these photos!!you could do it again maybe,for blog,these are really awesome!!

  2. Beautiful girls!


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