The Ravensbourne Graduate Fashion Degree Show 2013

Friday, 28 June 2013

This time last year, I was backstage dressing third year's collections and now this year, it was my turn. Never thought this day would come, I've been dreading third year since first year. It's so scary how time quickly flew. All went down on at the Ravensbourne degree show on 13th June!

I was on the balcony taking all these pictures. One of my favourites from the show was Phiney Pet's - I loved her hand painted leather jacket, looked amazing!

Here are some better images from the GFW show:

From top, left to right: Phiney Pet, Clio Peppiatt, Rose Blair and Leanne Warren. 
I really love the pony jacket! 

Source: My Daily

Here are the Rave 13 Fashion Degree show videos:

So funny, how my collection is screen capped on youtube. 

A photo from my collection. My favourite outfit and favourite photo. The only annoying thing is that the dresser didn't roll down the neck. 
Credit: Thomas Walskaar 

Next post: Third Year at Rave, the Round Up!

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