The GFW Exhibition Stand 2013

Thursday, 6 June 2013

Been so long since my last post! 4 months since I last posted. Been super busy with third year.
Wednesday was the last day of GFW! I had to attend to the exhibition to see the portfolios and stands because I have been unable to turn up since Monday (trying to fiercely finish final collection).
Not much to say apart from how everything looked amazing! I have to say the UCA stand always looks well laid out and really creative. Here are some selective photos I took:

Ah, this is my portfolio at the Ravensbourne stand! Our portfolio cases are neon yellow, we're going colourful this year! Guess we stand out then, huh? 

Love the neon orange portfolios! These were for womenswear. Textiles got yellow! 

One of my portfolio pages.

My GFW stamp for entry.

The stand by Nottingham Trent. I always love their stands and of course their knitwear. 

Ravensbourne went out with a bang at GFW! - Will be writing it up in the next post ;)


  1. hey! amazing work :) i was just wondering if you knew which company produced the neon portfolios? xxxx

    1. Hi there, thanks for your comment :) they were made by two girls at my Uni when we a Entrepreneur & Enterprise project for Penrose Market. Their website is Knight and Krause - I think you can order any colour you want, just drop them a email ;) x


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