Ravensbourne Gala 2012: Review

Saturday, 23 June 2012

A review from this year's Ravensbourne's fashion graduate show.

First off opening the graduate show was a collection by Victoria Butcher. A neutral colour palette, the garment shapes were very contemporary, with versatile silhouettes. It had a very couture feel, such as the large fur garments - which I thought was the highlight of the collection. Combined with the beautifully intricate laser cutting tops and trousers, there were accessories of knitwear included such as the gloves, the hats and the luxurious chunky scarves. There was a instrumental strongs of guitar rhythm played in the background, which I thought gave an overall subtle mood of the collection for an Autumn Winter season. 


This collection is by Lucy Webster, definitely one of my favourites. Her collection was called 'Pink Wet Dreams' and I really like her concept behind her work. It was about the cross reference between naivety and innocence, the obsessions of girls and characters. The silhouettes are oversized and have a masculine look, such as the jackets and trench coats. There is a fun colour palette of pinks and peaches, the floral lace textiles, which were layered with the waterproof fabrics. I liked how the floral prints were translucent in the designs.  The footwear were customised Vans with fringes on the heel. There was a stunning leather jacket. It was made with a combination of leather and the waterproof material which had a floral print and there was an interesting masculine silhouette shape on the back of the jacket. The song in the background was Crush by Garbage. 
Lucy was the winner of the Womenswear Award. Visit her website

Pictures above are photographed by Caz Goldswick and Sofia Sallons. Featured on the Ravensbourne website.

This collection is by Alice Fayle and the title of her concept was "I can't go back yesterday, because I was a different person then." I really liked her collection, I thought it was beautiful and subtle. The piano instrument in the background enhances the subtleness of the garments. The fabrics were sumptuous chiffon, silk and organza. Her print designs were hand drawn illustrations of animals. The silhouettes were soft and delicate, lots of layering of chiffon. There was a headpiece and a delicate plum knitted cardigan. The last outfit was a large veil covering the model's face, which was the perfect piece to finish the collection. Pictures are from her website.

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