Ravensbourne Fashion Graduate Show 2012

Saturday, 16 June 2012

The Ravensbourne Fashion Graduate Show kicked off on 14th June. I helped out with dressing backstage. I had my first taster of dressing. I was meant to help out last year but I didn't, so this year I wanted to help out and get an experience of what it is like dressing for a show. Dressing was a very stressful 9 hours! I understood that you have to be very fast and get these models dressed in approximately 5 seconds, 1 second if that is possible! It was absolutely chaotic backstage. I was dressing the womens side, but got automatically shoved into the mens section. Well that was awkward. I found it harder to dress the mens because they have a lot of fastenings and bottoms which all take time but still need to be fast. With dressing the womens section, it's much quicker I'd say. But anyway, it was a good experience to see what it was like behind the scenes of a show.

Getting ready for the catwalk set up!

Guests and visitors arriving at Ravensbourne.

Taking some sneaky photos of student's final collections.

Materials and embellishments.

This is a model I helped to dress in this beautiful dress (right) she was very tall and really lovely. 

These are pictures of models waiting in the line up before going on the catwalk.
Love the bold shoulders with the floral prints.


  1. Hi, I was wondering if you had a contact email. I've been offered a place to study Fashion at Ravensbourne and wanted the opinion of a current student.

    Hope that's ok. Thanks


    1. Hi there, congratulations on getting a place at Ravensbourne! Sure, feel free to ask me any questions about the course. This is my email - t.le@students.rave.ac.uk

  2. Fantastic! Thank you for comment :)

  3. Must have been such an experience!!! Textures seem very inspirational, as is the pink skirt with squared surface! Wonder how it's done... :)


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