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Tuesday, 12 June 2012

Whilst doing the Hobbs project, I discovered these two paper sculpture artists called Maurizio Anzeri and Jose Romussi, via tumblr. I was scrolling down the pages looking for inspiration for embroidery techniques and designs when I found out about these two artists. I was absolutely amazed by the way the sewing of the threads uplifts the photographs, in terms of contrasting colour with the black and white photograph, and the movement of the lines.

 These photographs above are by Dazed and Confused, the threading created is by Maurizio Anzeri. 

“I’ve been collecting old photographs for a long time. A few years ago I was doing ink drawings with them and out of curiosity I stitched into one. I work a lot with threads and hand stitching, and the link to photography was a natural progression. I put tracing paper over the photo and draw on the face until it develops. Sometimes the image comes straight away, suggested by a detail on a dress or in the background, but with the majority of them I spend a lot of time drawing. Once the drawing is done, I pierce the photo with a set of needle-like tools I invented and take the paper away; the holes are obsessively paced at the same distance to convey an idea of geometry. When I begin the stitching something else happens, drawing will never do what thread will – the light changes, and at some points you can lose the face, and at others you can still see under it.” Maurizio Anzeri

This artwork above are by Jose Romussi. He uses vintage ballerina photographs and sews over the top with colourful threading to add a playful touch to these photographs. 

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