Concerts of 2011: One Night Only & Arctic Monkeys

Saturday, 7 July 2012

It feels a bit old talking about this now but I wanted to write about these two great concerts I went to last year :) My friend chose a band she really wanted to see, which was Arctic Monkeys and I chose one I wanted to too, so it was equal. I really wanted to see One Night Only the most! They're my favourite band. I love their songs, favourite is 'Chemistry.' When I saw on their website that they were playing in London at the XOYO venue, I jumped into the chance! Tickets were quite cheap too, they were only £12.50 - bargain! I think it's because it is a small venue, not like the O2 Arena for instance. But it was a really great night, loved every song they played, including their new ones - Games and Long Time Coming. I think I actually saw George once on Oxford Street! But wasn't really sure if that was really him and he was walking really fast, but I liked his dress sense. I just remember just staring like a weird person. Anyway, I would really love to see them live again! I think I prefer the smaller venues than the large ones. For starters I didn't get crushed in the crowd.

One Night Only at XOYO 2011:
The pictures above is of George Craig, lead guitar and vocals. My favourite picture I took from the gig! (Too bad someone's head was in the way at the left hand corner). This is the ONO drumkit! Taken by a lovely Italian girl we met :) I love George's leather jacket, I think it is from Burberry and also his patterned green shirt. 

My pictures taken from the Arctic Monkeys at the O2 Arena 2011:

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