That Paramore Concert...

Saturday, 18 December 2010

The one where me and Charlotte went to that Paramore Concert in November...
As soon as I heard Paramore were playing in London for extra dates, I had to see them! I'm such a huge fan. I actually found out about them on the...twilight soundtrack embarassingly, haha. But this led to find out what an actual great band they are.
It was a really great live show, even though I got annoyed with the live guests. I just wanted Paramore to come on! They eventually did after B.O.B performed Airplanes. Hayley was really A.M.A.Z.I.N.G. I got so excited when she turned up, with pink hair! It was definitely not disappointing at all!
I'd definitely see them again. They'd be worth every penny :)
Here are some pictures. My stupid digital camera could not zoom in further than 3 zoom, argh.
I think it'd be quite cool to be a concert photographer, haha :)

This is when the crowd started to build up:
The Paramore t-shirt we brought. Check out those patterns! Officially my favourite tee :)

Hayley finally turned pink hair! Whilst performing with B.O.B's Airplanes, the crowd went crazy :)

I have these obsession with Polaroids.

I liked capturing what was on the screens:



  2. Ooo, that looked like an amazing night! =) I looove your t-shirt!

  3. such a lovely blog :) following you dear <3

  4. sounds like fun! never been to a concert before, lol
    i should though



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