Re-modernise Paisley?

Saturday, 11 December 2010

I've actually finished my first project in Print last month, so I'm just uploading some old work :). 
We had to choose a particular theme in a classic print and try to re-modernise our chosen theme in contemporary fashion textiles. Going to those three museums visits were meant to help me but I think the only one which really related to my project was the Horrockses Fashions Exhibition. I was torn between choosing floral and paisley as my main theme. But after talking with my tutor, I chose paisley in the end because its something different :)
With re-modernising paisley, I found...quite...a challenge! It's quite hard to re-modernise a classic print. I just sat there in my room, drawing different shapes and lines in my sketchbook.
So these are the designs I came up with in the end, first done by hand and then edited in Photoshop: 

Screen printing is a very messy job: 

Printed on silk chiffon:
What happened when I added an extra colour: 
This is when I printed too much and my design got transferred over to my tutor's cloth ^o^  He said I couldn't have the cloth but it can stay their forever :)

Some close-ups when I finished printing :) It was a long day.

What do you think? Good/Bad?


  1. they are really cool! very inspirational! XXXX ♥

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  3. This is utterly fabulous.
    A true art my dear.
    Happy you came across my blog- lead me to your amaze one!


    I am a new follower of your blog! I hope you'll follow back!

  5. your blog is so nice! And you're very pretty, I'm following you, and I hope that you'll follow me back! :)


  6. WOWWWW, I love your modernized paisley!!! I want a skirt made out of this!!! Rocks!


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