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Tuesday, 23 November 2010

Back in October, I went to a few Art Museums in London for research in my new project "Print" which lasts about five weeks. I went to the Victoria & Albert Museum because they had this exhibition on about photography. I was a little iffy about it because the project is about re-modernising classic prints, I thought..."how is going to a photography exhibition going to help me?" How wrong was I. It was really amazing and so inspiring, I think this just may have widened my interest in photography :). It was so creative how these contemporary artists created photography without using a camera. All the photographs were very impressive. I thought using the pin-hole was good, but photogram is more impressive. My favourites were by Susan Degres, Adam Fuss and Garry Fabian Miller. I took some pictures whilst I was there...when I was not allowed to, haha. Oh well, what they don't know won't hurt them, lol. 
Disclaimer: I don't own these photographs, all images belong to the artists. I just took them, purely for personal research :) So now, I'm just sharing them.

Susan Degres: 

Adam Fuss:

Garry Fabian Miller:

Oh can see my reflection taking that picture in the above photograph, lol. 
A Canon SLR camera is calling my name. I had a dream about it...twice! How weird and strange. Dreaming about a camera *shakes head* Now I'm not torn between a Canon and a Nikon anymore :D


  1. Hello!!! It`s Ale (andanda). Cool blog , so... yeayyy for finally making it ... the stuff you put up here so far is very interesting , so keep it up !!! Oh and i`ll keep my fingers crossed for that camera to find you ;) hehe , kisses and hugs !!!

  2. hey dear it's *QueenBee* from polyvore :)
    Lovely blog!!!!!! very interesting, really cool pictures you take!!!!!! Keep up with it it's great!!!!!!

  3. Loving it all! =) Canon, go for the canon, forget the Nikon! Xxx

  4. OMG, this is intensely awesome. I am fascinated by these pinhole photographs and I love what you wrote about them!!!!

  5. Heey it's Chanel Mademoiselle...
    Hahah..I am dreaming of clothes and such things too :) And i think a blogger really needs a professionell camera ( but the pics you've taken are STUUNING!) i am with you :)
    I really loove to read your blog...great job dear! xx


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