Hello, I come in Blog :)

Wednesday, 17 November 2010

Hello there...whoever is reading (if not, then...I guess I'll be talking to myself then).
For some time I just thought to myself "I want a Blog account." Recently I started to read quite a few Blogs and I do find them inspiring to read, I really like reading fashion blogs (but I just like reading any Blogs in general). I've just started the first year of my Fashion & Textiles Degree at Uni, so I thought it would be a good idea to start one, to show...sort of my journey in my degree such as the highs and the lows (stress & nervous breakdown, I know I am going to get tons of those) and also to view the progress of my work in those three years, like how I've gone from "this to that," leading up to graduating (if I survive that far! Which I hope). It will be like a reflective Blog. I'll be uploading some pictures of my work in progress and places I've been to. 
Hope you enjoy.
P.S: My title "I come in Blog" is the other phrase of "I come in peace" lol. 


  1. Welcome to blog life! Its a lot of fun! Cannot wait to see some of your work, not to mention your novel, it will be epic. =)

    How was fabric shopping?

    -Soofiya x

  2. Aloohaa :) How're youu? I likee this blog :) and i especially lovee the titlee :)

    Lovee youu!! Mwuuahh
    -Ishani xoxo


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