Birthday Stuff: Zizi's, wandering in Covent Garden and TGI Fridays

Monday, 4 January 2016

November 12th was my birthday. I know I am about 2 months late posting this!

Call me sad, because I know I clearly am, but I hadn't celebrated my birthday in a very long time. 
The last two years especially I just hadn't been in a mood to celebrate because of family issues, but this year, I put my foot down and decided to do something about it. In the past, I just dreaded my birthday because I knew I wasn't going to do anything but this year I surprisingly looked forward to it! ^_^

On the actual day of my birthday which was on a Thursday, I spent it with my dad doing some 'bonding' where we went into London to do a shop around, he brought me some birthday gifts and we ate at a Chinese restaurant in Leicester Square. To be honest, my dad spend most of the day giving me pep talks -_- but it wasn't as awkward as I thought it was. My dad had a very humourless look and wasn't understanding my banter and sarcasm, he was like 'what?' And I just say 'forget it...'

It was on the Saturday that I celebrated with my friends. I met them at Covent Garden Station and from there we walked to Zizi's restaurant. I took an annoyingly long time in deciding which place to eat but in the end Zizi's was the perfect place as I really like Italian food.

Left to right: Charlotte, Gertrude and me. 

I ordered a Calzone Pollo Piccante, which pizza in a pastry wrap and this looks like this (below). When I first went to a Zizi's it was the first ordered and thought I'd like to have it again, as it was quite filling! It had spicy piccante chicken, mini beef meatballs, mozzarella, mushroom, chilli and tomatoes :) Food makes me very happy. Food is literally life. That is a given fact.

One of my old Sixth Form friends couldn't make it, so there was just a spare seat in the middle, but fortunately my other friend who was working on that day was able to make it later in the evening, so everything worked out for the best! Her pizza already ordered before she had arrived and it was just sitting there ready to be eaten and it looked so good. I love me a good pizza.

I don't usually get desserts when I go out to restaurants because I'm stingy but on that day I went all out. I ordered a chocolate and toffee nut sundae. It looked good enough to eat. I love anything with toffee in it! The caramelised pecans were crunchy. I liked how it was served on a metal cocktail style cup! I actually clinked cups with my friend next to me and said cheers! It was a very delish dessert. A bit pricy (£5.95) but worth it.

So whilst I was busy delving into my heavenly dessert, I decided to glance on the left side of the restaurant and two tables down there was this guy in a purple hoody, just staring at me and naturally I felt awkward. Don't get me wrong, he was a fine looking dude but I think I might have had ice cream dripping on the corner of my mouth XD maybe that was it! And my probably my red face because the restaurant was quite warm. I was like err...yeah okay, eye contact, I'm just going to get back to my sundae...

Whilst waiting for the dessert to arrive, I started to open my presents. The first thing I unwrapped from the bag was a hand cream by Soap & Glory,and did you know what I did? Open the cap to inhale the scent and literally everyone on my table laughed at me in unison. I think I took a pretty big sniff. It was hilarious. My excuse and defence was that I've watched too much Zoella! I wondered if I was drawing too much attention to myself and if other people saw and thought what a weirdo ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ The next thing I opened was the Baylis & Harding body lotion and I began inhaling the scent for that as well. It kind of looks like I'm obsessed with nice scents! As an avid reader, I was really chuffed with the books! Especially the Secret Garden by Johanna Basford. I've seen it in Cass Art but I really liked the detail illustrations. Can't wait to get stuck into colouring these postcards. The gloves are by Muji. My friend said the good thing about them is that they are touch screen gloves which is useful. 

These were some of the gifts my dad brought me:

We stayed too long at Zizi's (2 hours) but when we left, it was raining a lot unfortunately! We went into a club called Be At One. Initially I thought it was a bar but turned out it was a club. We were all ID'd but two of our friends didn't have ID with them. The club was very dark and red, the music was booming loud. Getting anxiety, I just wanted to get out. Third club I've been in my life and all I wanted to do is run; I guess clubbing is not my scene. We went on wandering walks around Covent Garden (getting some cardio!) there was another bar we went to but it was quite cramped, too many people just standing around talking - even at the bar area, how are you meant to order?! It's annoying. We didn't stay for very long. 

We got to Leicester Square whilst we were walking and one of my friends' got excited by the large Nickelodeon store! They had some amazing Spongebob Squarepants mugs. Me and Charlotte saw stuffed toys of Patrick and wanted to take a picture with it. Charlotte looks very happy, whilst I looked like I was struggling not to laugh. Also it looks like I'm touching Patrick's private parts, oopsie! Not my intention. So we were standing in a circle by the shelf of amazing mugs, just talking about stuff. I was standing a tad bit too close to the mugs because I turned to my left and I felt a mug tumble to fall right before my eyes. I was really mortified. A employee came to clean up 'my' mess, I apologised and so did my friends, but she said that its okay, they're not going to make us (me) pay for it and if it made us feel better, its not the first time its happened. She was really nice about it, fortunately. That was our queue to leave the store! 
TGI Friday's was our last resort. We were able to get a table for six, fortunately! It was very busy with loud music but a nice atmosphere since its a bar and restaurant. Our table was by the corner next to a mirror with lights on it. I love TGI Fridays because of the amazing burgers and Jack Daniels sauce, but this is the first time I'm going there and not getting any Jack Daniels sauce because I was still full from the Zizi's meal. Some of us just had starters and desserts. For drinks, I was going to order a mojito but the frozen fruit strawberry daiquiri just appealed to me because I love strawberries. Since it was my birthday I decided to go all out and decided to have a large one. It was MASSIVE O_o but it tasted quite good, couldn't taste the alcohol though because there was so much ice that it dissolved it, oh well. 
I had a really really great evening :) there was a lot of laughter and banter. It was definitely worth spending time to organise it!

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