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Saturday, 7 February 2015

You know when you've brought too many things when you feel the sense that your money has been flying out the window because you've spent on things that you perhaps didn't actually need... yup that's what happen to me. Uh Oh... and I thought I was stingy.

Harry Potter Box Set: The Complete Collection from Amazon, £74.75

I finally understood the hype of Harry Potter after I finished reading the series in 2013. I read the series as ebooks and enjoyed it so much that I needed to purchase hardcover copies. When you buy new books, you never know if they will be a good read or a bad read, so there's always that risk but I know I will want to read the Harry Potter series again at some point. Initially I only wanted the third book because its my favourite, but the new covers for Bloomsbury are stunning overall. I feel that the illustrations reveals spoilers but they are a beau! Time to pass on the magic. 

Tartan scarf by River Island, £14

I've wanted a tartan scarf for a long time and now I finally purchase one. I've been seeing tartan scarves literally everywhere. I've been wearing this scarf all the time, its very comfortable and I like how it brightens up my dull black coat. I brought mine for the price tag of £14. I think that was a price mistake because but it is actually £15. 
Arrow necklace by Orelia from ASOS, £12

I really have no idea why I like arrow themed things. To me it means moving forward and reminds me of Katniss Everdeen shooting at her target. 
Swallow grey sweater by H&M, RRP £6.99
Sequin owl sweater by Topshop, on sale for £20 (RRP £42). 

I saw this owl sweatshirt on Polyvore and felt like I needed it. On Christmas Day, Topshop's sale started and I jumped in the chance when I saw that it was on sale. This sweatshirt is so cosy and warm. I really like the embellished owl detail. 
              Wax jacket in brown by Urban Outfitters Vintage Renewal, on sale for £30 (RRP £65)

As for this wax jacket, me and my friend could not decide whether to get it or not. We spent at least over a hour in Urban Outfitters (so indecisive). I liked it because it reminded me of Barbour (I love Barbour jackets). I know what your thinking... it looks like a farmer's style jacket and I don't usually go for brown. I got it in the end because with my tartan scarf and suede ankle boots that I was wearing at the time, I liked how it looked like I was taking a hike in the countryside.  
'Owl Your Bits N Bobs' vintage tin by Sass and Bass from Chickidee, £4

There's this shop called Chickidee and its the cutest homeware and gifts store ever. The style of the items is very 'shabby chic' its so adorable. I remember there was this cute wooden sewing box and looked so nice to have around the house to put all your sewing equipment. If I didn't have self-control, I would have splurged on things I don't need. I love the vintage tins they stock but said to myself that I don't need it, I don't need it. But then the time came to buying gifts for friends and I have a friend who loves all things vintage, so I brought her a tin that says 'Do What You Love Everyday.' I was itching to buy one for myself ever since then and luckily I found an owl one! It was the only one there. I had to get it. I find it useful to put all my receipts and notes, so it isn't clutter :-)

On the back of all the tins, it has 'Sass and Bass' labelled on it, found out it is a brand and I went to visit the store in Covent Garden. Such a cute shop. I just...can't even. I took some sneaky snaps: 

It took everything in me not buying that vintage tin of a bird and the cat. 

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