Thursday, 19 January 2012

Here are one of the few things I brought whilst I was having my retail therapy in Central London :)


A white bobbles knitted jumper by Mink Pink at Urban Outfitters. First it was £60 and now it's £20 + student discount £18! Bargain :) I found this jumper when I was doing my Topshop Competitors research and thought this jumper was so lovely but it was £60 at the time - not a price I would be willing to pay. So glad I brought it on sale! 

This is another jumper I brought (left) with the cables and the stripes which is from Topshop. This was originally £45, but also got this for £18 with discount :) 

My first purchase of Oh Comely magazine! Issue eight. Here are some pages I took pictures of inside the magazine. I think the photography and illustrations is lovely :')

I brought some watercolour pencils from WHSmiths for half price £7.49 :) which will help to continue with my new year's resolution to draw more. I've never used watercolour pencils before. 
This is my sketchbook, drawing some calligraphy and typography :)


  1. Your really good at writing, you should write your blog name, take a photo and use that as your header.....just an idea

    LMC :)

  2. that sweater is too cute! and I love your drawings. pretty much love everything about this post, actually :) following!

  3. I love that jumper, agree about the writing, its awesome, would look so nice on your blog!

  4. Wow, ah-mazing sweater! Love your drawings, xoxo!

  5. You made a well good bargain with that jumper, really looking forward strolling around london again this summer....

  6. Their is NOTHING I love more than an amazing sale. These purchases are prefect.



  7. gosh, i adore your jumper! it's too good to be true!! <3

    love from vienna,
    xx mika


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