It's Nice To Give, Part II

Wednesday, 17 February 2016

It was recently my friend's birthday, which is another exciting gift-buying time! The gifts I brought her was actually quite last minute, as I wasn't sure if she was doing anything but it turns out she was, so yay :) She's actually quite a hard one to buy for but she has everything she already needs. But I know she'll like it whatever gift it is, as you often hear the phrase 'it's a thought that counts.' I felt like I needed to photograph and document the gifts I brought her, as well as the wrapping process (something new to post on this neglecting blog!)

I went into the Card Factory on a whim, as I hear they sell a lot of cheap cards. There were so many nice cards to choose from, so I was pretty much spoiled for choice! The prices were so unbelievable cheap, now I know where to buy birthday cards next time! I saw this card and I really liked the sentimental message, not to mention the design is so beautiful and has a vintage appeal to it.

My friend likes non-fiction crime and ghost stories. Looking for the right ghost true life book was more of a challenge than I thought! I wanted to explore my horizons when researching for a good one to purchase. I was considering on buying Ghostly by Audrey Niffenegger and Roald Dahl's Book of Ghost Stories but that's fiction and not non-fiction. After much research, I settled for A Natural History of Ghosts by Roger Clarke. I brought this copy from Wordery, which gives complimentary bookmarks!

Again, I like to use paper shopping bags for wrapping paper! I remember my friend said its quite thrifty. I just think the idea is creative, fun and it's also recycling in a creative way :) I used a BodyShop paper shopping bag to wrap the book. Now every time I get given a paper shopping bag when purchasing something, I need to keep it.

This was the last gift. I was looking for thermal mugs because they are really useful gifts to have, especially during winter. Speaking of which! I think I may plan on purchasing one for myself, as I've been drinking a lot of flavoured green tea during the cold weather. For my Secret Santa last year, I also brought my colleague a thermal mug, which she really liked because she likes hot drinks. I went into Paperchase on a whim, not expecting to find what I was looking for, but then I saw this adorable thermal mug with cats on it! I think she would love it, so it was an instant purchase. 

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