It's Nice To Give

Tuesday, 5 January 2016

This post is about how nice it is to give gifts. 

I don't celebrate Christmas, so the only time I actually get to buy gifts for other people are at friends' birthdays. Therefore sometimes I get a bit overboard when buying gifts and wrapping because its fun. It's really nice to see their expression when they unwrap the gift to see what you've brought them. I'm always saying anxiously, 'do you like it?' A friend of mine's birthday was literally two weeks after mine and she was also celebrating it in the first time in years too, so its a cause for a celebration :) When you buy a gift, you usually just buy one gift with a card but I went all out and got three gifts with a card. Two were brought, which was a scented candle and a book, and the third was a drawing, hand painted and mounted. 

This is the illustration I was inspired by (left) and this is my drawing (right).

I think drawings are really nice gifts, now that I've drawn one. It's personal and sentimental. This is probably the only time I will draw for someone, so I thought why not?

This is sort of the wrapping process. I say sort of because I didn't take any photos, as I wrapped it in a rush! I really like using paper shopping bags as an alternate for wrapping paper. I first done it for a friend because I had no wrapping paper at all and I think its quite creative. And if you have any ribbon lying around the house, its a good idea to use it for wrapping. These black ones are from my purchases from net-a-porter. I'm all about that high attention to detail :)

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