"Last night I was dreaming of the forest" pyjama bottoms by Primark

Sunday, 22 June 2014

I brought these adorable pyjama bottoms from Primark for £5.
It is clear that I have been watching way too many Zoella's Primark Hauls on youtube! I usually find it very hard to buy anything from Primark, that's why I never shop there much. As I saw Zoella brought some really nice pyjama bottoms, I had to go and find some for myself because I am actually in fact of new pyjamas! My current ones are sort of falling apart (they are old).
What I loved about them was that it has cute lettering (I'm a massive typography fan) with the quote "last night I was dreaming of the forest" with lovely illustrations of flowers, deers and rabbits. The design is so darn cute and it is exactly what I was looking for! I am happy with this purchase and I intend to buy another pair. These were the ones I brought:

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