Book Review: IT by Alexa Chung

Friday, 10 January 2014

       Book Review: It by Alexa Chung

ItIt by Alexa Chung
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

THIS IS MY 100th READ!! *Throws confetti*
(I swear I have read more than 100 books though! I have not included all those Mary-Kate and Ashley Two of a Kind, So Little Time and Sweet Sixteen books I read when I was 12-14 because I’ve read about fifty of them and that's too long to add into Goodreads).

Ironically I read It by Alexa Chung whilst I was in Waterstones! It only took half an hour.

I must clarify that I absolutely love Alexa Chung! She’s been my style icon for such a long time. I remember watching her present Popworld on T4 and I just loved her quirky personality and style. I enjoyed watching Frock Me and as Gok’s assistant in Gok Wan’s Fashion Fix. I was gutted when I couldn’t watch her MTV show ‘It’s On with Alexa Chung!’ I only saw snippets on Youtube. Who would have thought she’d be as popular as she is now? Sitting on front row for fashion shows, modelled for Pepe Jeans, created a collection for Madewell and had a Mulberry bag named after her? She is one lucky girl.

There no doubt how pretty this book is! Okay down to the actual the book itself isn’t entirely great and I do agree with the negative reviews because it doesn’t feel worthy of a published book. In a way it is kind of pointless and stupid. It is a very quick and easy read and it isn’t like an autobiography, it is more of a journal. Alexa talks (rambles) a lot about what kinds of things she likes, from makeup, her muses, books, and films to fashion.

There’s no introduction, the first page talks about her love of ponies and shows a picture of her riding a pony. She was a very privileged growing up in the countryside of England. I don’t know if anyone knew but Alexa is half Chinese and half British. I know she looks liked she has no Asian in her. The next few pages, she talks about her Chinese grandpa who was skinny and who Alexa says is a style genius (somewhere along the lines, I don’t remember exactly), and how he always pinched her arm to show how much he was fond of her, awe.

As the book goes on, Alexa goes on to talk about her favourite book, which is Lolita. Obvious choice. I find Lolita a very controversial book because it’s about a paedophile who is infatuated by a 14 year old girl. Well I haven’t read it, so who am I to judge?! I hear a lot that it is beautifully written.

I feel like Alexa and I, have so much in common with makeup, music and fashion! She talked about not being good at makeup and how there isn’t always the right way of putting makeup on. She says she is very lucky to have her makeup done professionally but loves the cat liquid eyeliner because it reminds her of Edie Sedgwick, a 60s style icon.

When Alexa mentioned ankle boots in her top 5 must-have items, saying that you can wear them with anything, I thought ‘Girl, you are right my street!’ She mentions when she sat front row with Pixie Geldof for Twenty8Twelve, she realised with excitement and shock that the Editor in Chief of US Vogue Anna Wintour would be sitting next to her! She spent time before the show prepping up and honestly, all she wanted to do was scream ‘WOW!’ There’s Mrs Wintour looking classy and chic as always, and then there’s Miss Chung, wearing a casual t-shirt, skirt and ballet flats.

This book would have been lost if it weren’t for the great selection of pictures and quirky illustrations. There were pictures of her muses such as, Mick Jagger, Jane Birkin, George Harrison (favourite Beatle), Annie Hall and Twiggy, to name a few, as well her Alexa’s selfies. There is no denying Alexa is a cool London girl.

I don’t have the heart to give this book a 3 stars or below. It is hard to say how I feel about it because I am such a huge fan of Alexa Chung. She is my ultimate girl style crush, so I have settled for a 4 star rating purely because I am such a huge fan, which is not fair for a rating. If I didn’t have an interest in Alexa and if I were to rate this book based on the content, the writing, the story overall and whether it was worth it, then it would be a 1-2 stars. When the book ended, I’m like ‘is this it?!’ it was so bland.

My criticism is that I feel like this book was as if Alexa was interviewed and she put all her answers in this book, almost like a blog where most bloggers talk about things they are inspired by. All she talks about is what thing she likes and I do think, is this really necessary? It is like a bland style guide and a waste of time. I think maybe she could have written how she got to where she is now from being a teen model to a TV presenter celebrity because she’s achieved so much and it would have been nice to know more about it.

However, like all books in general, this isn’t a perfect book. Many would argue this shouldn’t have been published. Getting published is not easy and it’s all about ‘who you know.’ The only reason she was given a book deal is because Alexa is famous for her style, rather than her actual work. It is funny how much power and influence you have because you are a celebrity. All in all, I enjoyed it, despite how pointless it all. The only good thing to come out of it were the pictures!

Bottom line: A word of advice, if you’re curious about whether to buy it or not, go to your nearest Waterstones or B&N and sit there for half an hour and read the whole thing. If you’re like me and you absolutely love Alexa Chung, then I think you should read this :)

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