Friday, 26 August 2011

What a did for research for a Uni-related project just before I broke up for the summer holidays. 
This was what I tried on in Selfridges to have a feel of the clothes and looking at their finishings. Wearing clothes on at Selfridges felt like a mistake because...I wanted to take everything home and sadly couldn't. The Versace leather jacket just called my name! Ah, it was was sublime. 
High end fashion feels so much better than high street, there is a more better quality feel to it I think :-). But anywho...there were some Topshop clothes which were just FAB. 

Alice by Temperley blouse.

This was a gorgeous Alice by Temperley shrug. Ah, I loved it. 

More Alice + Olivia embellishments.

Alice + Olivia [I think.]

This Versace leather jacket [above] was divine. 

Topshop Peter Pan blouse.

Topshop lilac print blouse. 

Topshop Peter Pan embroidered blouse.

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  1. nice details!


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